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Grizzly Years

Grizzly Years is Doug Peacock's story of reintroduction into society after the Vietnam War. It is also the story of the grizzly bears continuing struggle to coexist with humans.

Grizzly Years Links

Grizzly Links

The Bear Den
some background about brown and grizzly bears
The Black Grizzly
An excerpt from Grizzly Years
Camping with Grizzlies...
safety precautions....
National Park Service
Some info on the griz as an endangered species
Yellowstone Journal
Grizzly Population on the rise!
Eastern Slope Grizzly Project
Some info on grizzlies, a cool screensaver (expensive, but cool :-)
Grizzly Discovery Center
Bear and Wolf Preserve
Environmental Research Institute
this place has a mission.. read it for yourself!
Grizzly Country
Photos from Katmai, Alaska/Chilkat, and Yellowstone National Parks
Yellowstone Grizzly Foundation
Info, education, research, and gifts

Vietnam Links

Green Berets
Some info about the special forces unit Doug was a part of in Vietnam
Lessons of the Vietnam War
general information concerning the vietnam conflict

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